About Us

Horsemill Valais Blacknose is based near to the famous Gretna Green village with views over the Solway in one direction and the Lake District in the other. 

In 2015 we were already breeding commercial sheep and Claire, my daughter, was working full time on our smallholdings whilst I continued working as a nurse. May 2015 and our first Valais Blacknose ewes and lambs arrived. Over the years we have slowly built up our flock . During our visits to other breeders, we have gained and shared knowledge and built many lasting friendships.

Our first Valais Blacknose lambs were born in 2016 and that was the year we first showed our ram lambs at the Blacknose Beauties Show in Carlisle, where we continue to show our sheep each year. We currently have a flock of 58 pedigree Valais sheep. All of our lambs are naturally bred and from pure Swiss bloodlines. Our lambs for this year are due in August and September.

Along with sheep, we also keep Standard and Miniature donkeys, Call Ducks and Peafowl.

It's been a great journey so far and one we continue to enjoy.....

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